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Meet Our Award-Winning Fishing Crew.

Captain Jose Hernandez is one of the most accomplished captains in Costa Rica. Having caught thousands of billfish over his 25 years of fishing and with three consecutive wins in the GIFT Tournament, Jose is now dialing in the new Frenzy 43. Jose was born and raised in Quepos and knows these waters well. Jamie, Kerwin and Jose first fished together almost 10 years years ago, coming in 2nd in the GIFT Tournament. Jose's English is excellent and clients enjoy spending time with Jose on the fly bridge talking about the fishery. Jose's calm nature is frequently interrupted by rapid fire blasts of Spanish to Marco in the cockpit, telling Marco that a marlin is chewing on the teaser! Jose uses his considerable fishing skills to put clients on the fish day in and day out. Many of Frenzy's clients send comments like this about their experience with Jose. Click to read what they're saying. Close >>

Captain Jose Hernandez
Frenzy 43

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Willy Jimenez – Frenzy's Operations Manager – is the Team's guy on the ground who keeps everything running smoothly. Jamie hired Willy because of Willy's excellent reputation with handling clients. Willy arranges all the boat and hotel bookings for Frenzy and acts as the client's concierge manager while the client is in Costa Rica. Willy can arrange all aspects of your Costa Rican vacation, except international airfare. Willy's superb local knowledge and friendly outgoing personality make him a client favorite! His ability to speak excellent English makes Willy the perfect client contact person for the Team. And it turns out that Willy is a pretty good cook too! Contact Willy by clicking here to inquire about booking a trip. Read client comments about Willy click here. Close >>
Marco Solano

Frenzy 43 Mate

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Willy Jimenez

Costa Rica Operations Manager

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Mate Marco Solano was hired by Jamie several years ago for his fishing skills and all around good nature. Marco is bi-lingual, runs the cockpit on the Frenzy and entertains clients between bites. Marco is superb in managing all aspects of rigging the right tackle for the target species, as well as taking care of the client's needs. Jamie and Kerwin agree that Marco is as good as any mate in the country when it comes to hooking fish on conventional tackle or teasing billfish to the boat for fly fisherman. Marco also makes the best guacamole you'll ever have while out on the boat and loves to talk to clients about their fishing and hunting experiences! Click here to read what clients have to say about Marco! Close >>

Dr. John Mark Dean

Marine Science Advisor

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Brian Thielicke

Fly Advisor and Master Fly Tie-er

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Brian Thielicke, Frenzy's fly tier, is responsible for tying the tournament-winning flies for Team Frenzy. These may be ones developed by Kerwin and Jamie or ideas that Brian comes up with on his own. These flies have been used to catch hundreds of Pacific sailfish, blue, black and striped marlin, dorado and yellowfin tuna. Frenzy Sportfishing has produced a short video showing how Brian ties the Frenzy "Pink Thing" popper and the "Frenzy F3" streamer. As a professional fly tier, Brian is well versed in expertly tying saltwater flies. Click here to contact Brian with your fly questions. You can also order the same tournament winning flies from Brian that Kerwin and Jamie use. Close >>
Misael Alfaro
Dr. John Mark Dean is Frenzy Sportfishing's science advisor and was added to Team Frenzy by Jamie and Kerwin to provide scientific insight into the fishery in Costa Rica. His laboratory uses questions raised by commercial and recreational fishermen to focus their research projects. For example, their program used otoliths (ear stones) techniques they developed to do the definitive study on age and growth of Atlantic sailfish. Dr. Dean's research has been of fundamental importance in the development of fishery resource management strategies for many species. Most recently, he has been concentrating on the biology and management of yellowfin and bluefin tuna. We are teaching Dr. Dean to fly-fish (he is an able student!) so he can collect his own samples rather than counting on us to do so! Close >>

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