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Fishing FAQ

Do I need a fishing license?
You do need a Costa Rican fishing license prior to boarding any sportfishing boat. Licenses can be purchased on loaction at Marina Pez Vela. The license is valid for one year from purchase date, so come back and fish with us some more!

What should I wear on the boat?
Although our boats have hard tops which provide ample shade, serious anglers will be out in the sun battling prize gamefish. Being near the equator, UV values can be intense. Must have items are: hat, polarized sunglasses and high value spf sunscreen (please no oil-based sunscreen). NO hard sole shoes are allowed on the boats. Boat shoes, sandals, Crocs and sneakers are just fine. Shorts and long-sleeve fishing shirts which provide additional protection from the sun are also recommended.

What to bring?
Our fishing charters provide all tackle, bait, food, beverages and snacks that you will likely need for the day. Use your best judgment as to any additional gear you might use on a full day at sea. You're welcome to bring along any additional snacks or beverages desired. Ice Box and refrigeration space aboard our vessels is ample. PLEASE do not bring glass containers of any kind. Be sure to bring your camera!

Do I need to supply and food or beverages?
Soon after boarding our vessels, you'll be directed to the locations of our beverage and snack centers, where those items are available to you at any time during the day. We stock plenty of water, as well as soft drinks, beer, fruit drinks and fresh fruit. A complete lunch is also provided on each full-day charter. We're pleased to accommodate any special dietary needs – just let our manager Willy know what you need. Once again, you are welcome to bring along any additional snack or beverage items needed. Remember, NO glass containers!

How do I get to the boat?
Your charter with Frenzy Sportfishing includes air-conditioned van transportation from your hotel directly to the boat dock. When you return to the marina after the day of fishing, your return transportation will return you to your hotel.

Can I take my catch home?
All billfish are are released; however, the local mahi-mahi (dorado), tuna and wahoo are among the most delicious fish you will ever eat. Keep a few of these species for your dinner later in the evening. Many restaurants throughout the area are pleased to prepare your fresh catch to order for dinner. If staying at Casa Carolina, we recommend at least one home-cooked meal of your fresh catch prepared by our staff. We also encourage you to allow the captain and mates to take a few fillets home for dinner. The Frenzy crews typically keep only what the customer can eat that evening and a fish or two extra for the families.

Can I get my catch mounted?
I am often asked, “Hey what do you do with all those fish you catch in Costa Rica? Can I get my billfish mounted?” Sure you can get your fish mounted! Fortunately, today fish can be measured and an estimate of weight made then this information can be passed on to a taxidermist who will then make a fiberglass replica of your catch. The Frenzy team does not kill any billfish but will gladly measure the fish and give you an estimated weight so you can have a replica made. Frenzy Sportfishing highly recommends Fish Unlimited Taxidermy due to their awesome work and incredible attention to detail. All roosterfish are released.

Now I’ll let you in on my secret for mounting fish. First of all when I take a guest fishing and they ask me “Hey Jamie, how big was that sailfish I just caught?” I’ll answer, “How big do you want it to be?” So what I am really saying is figure out where you are going to hang the fish and then decide how big you want the replica to be. This way you can tell the taxidermist that you need a sailfish about 6’ long or some other size. When you receive the replica it will fit your wall! And when your fishing buddy asks, “Hey man how big was that sailfish you caught in Costa Rica?” you can answer, “Well you know it was about 150 pounds and took me an hour to wrestle to the boat. Almost sunk us you know”. And that’s my secret to a good fish tale!


You will find Costa Ricans (Ticos) very appreciative of any gratuity you choose to give them. Use the following as a general guideline when calculating tips:

For the crew of a sportfishing boat, their day begins at the crack of dawn and often ends in the dark. These guys work extremely hard and really earn their tips. A good rule of thumb is 15% - 20% of the daily charter fee. Another good rule of thumb is $100 for the captain and $100 for each of the mates. So for the Frenzy boats a good tip would be $300 per day for the 43 (Frenzy) and $200 per day for the 35 (Frenzy II). Give the captain the total tip at the end of the fishing day and he will share it with the mates. If the crew works especially hard a little extra tip would be appropriate! Many fishing companies have a person on the dock, like Frenzy’s Willy Jimenez, who takes care of things on land and makes sure you have food, water, etc. on the boat. Don’t forget to tip these guys too! $25 per day would be appropriate.

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