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About 90% of Frenzy's customers are conventional tackle fishermen. Both the 35-ft. Frenzy II and the new Frenzy 43 carry a full complement of Shimano tackle. Shimano TLD 30's on short stand-up rods are used for the sailfish, which average 100 pounds. Using properly-sized standup tackle allows novice anglers to quickly learn how to handle a big fish and allows experienced anglers to hone their skills. A pitchbait on a TLD 50 is always at the ready for a marlin that could show up at any time, as well as for the average-sized yellowfin tuna that frequent the waters off Quepos. A Tiagra 80 on a chair rod is available for encounters with huge tuna and the occasional big marlin that can show up.

A typical day of billfishing involves pulling teasers to raise the fish, then pitching them a circle hook-rigged ballyhoo. This approach almost guarantees a hookup! Our mates are masters at hooking billfish, but are always eager to teach customers the art of circle hook fishing. By using a circle hook, almost every billfish is hooked in the corner of the jaw, assuring that the fish will be released unharmed.

For inshore fishing, Frenzy's crews use Shimano Baitrunners or similar rigs for live baiting roosterfish and snapper. Catching a 50-lb. roosterfish on live bait -- on a spinning rod -- is an absolute blast! Our customers always express how exciting it is to first see the flash of silver as the huge rooster slowly emerges from the deep. Lately we have added a Shimano jigging rod to catch snapper, tuna, roosterfish, African pompano, etc.

Both Frenzy charter boats are fully stocked with all the terminal tackle required for a successful day on the water. Despite the logistical challenges associated with equipping charter boats in Costa Rica, Frenzy Sportfishing spares no expense to make sure that proper tackle is on the boats for whatever type of fishing the customer chooses to do.

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